Sympheny supports the planning of renewables-based distributed energy systems for neighborhoods, districts and cities: using an innovative data driven approach, our platform facilitates the realization of optimally efficient and sustainable energy systems solutions that effectively exploit the opportunities offered by emerging energy technologies.


Collaborative and
participative planning of
decentralized energy
solutions for communities
and urban districts


Identification of
optimally sustainable,
cost-efficient and/or
autonomous energy
system solutions for
communities and urban


Development of energy
road maps towards meeting
sustainability objectives for
municipalities and


Identification of business
opportunities for investors,
utilities and technology
providers in the realization of
decentralized energy systems
for communities and districts

Andrew Bollinger

Andrew Bollinger


Currently a researcher and team leader in the Urban Energy Systems Laboratory at Empa. His research focuses on the development of computational methodologies and tools for modelling and optimization of decentralized energy systems at local scale. Andrew holds a PhD in energy systems modelling from TU Delft.

Julien Marquant

Julien Marquant


Specialist in energy optimization techniques and data analysis applied to urban energy system assessment. He obtained Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the Swiss Federal institute of Technology Lausanne, EPFL, with a major in Energy. He worked previously in R&D at PSA on optimization methods applied to EV and hybrid vehicle powertrains.

Boran Morvaj

Boran Morvaj


Boran obtained a PhD degree from ETH Zurich in the field of optimization of urban multi energy systems. Currently he is working as Data Scientist where he is solving complex business problems by using machine learning and state-of-the-art technology. He obtained additional experience in energy systems by building a simulator for smart grid environment.

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